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Switzerland's Jewish population is estimated at less than 20,000 or about 0.3% of the country's residents. The largest concentrations of Swiss Jews are in Zürich (7,000), Geneva (4,500), and (Basel (2,800). Some 2/3 of Switzerland's Jewish population lives in German-speaking areas.

Not surprisingly, kosher facilities for Orthodox and other tradition-minded Jewish travelers are in short supply. Still, it is possible to find kosher restaurants and food stores in Switzerland, and synagogues and mikvahs exist in places where you might not expect to find them.

Please note that there is no Eruv in Switzerland. We would also like to remind you that we can not take any responsibility for Kashrus, locations and contact details. Any updates are welcome.

Since there is no kosher hotel in Zurich we kindly invite you to contact us in case you plan to spend a Shabbos in Zurich. Many families enjoy having guests at their Shabbos table. You may contact us for any questions at info@koscher.ch.

Important and usefull information for the Jewish tourist to Switzerland is available as following:

in English

in Hebrew

in Jiddish

Tours through Jewish Zurich can be booked with Mrs. E. Beck (Tel. +41 765622648, 8ester5@gmail.com, german/english/yiddish).

The Luach for the current year for Zurich is available at http://www.irgz.ch

Please note: this is a private webpage, run by the Frenkel family. There is no organisation behind.

Zurichs only butcher www.koltuv.ch will be happy to deliver your meat order anywhere within Switzerland. Tel. +41 444541000